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Why CV Roofing?

Finding the right Roofing contractor in Austin, Bastrop and San Antonio area is not always easy. With CV Roofing in you have nothing to worry. We always show up on time, do what we tell you we will do and never over promise and under deliver. 

We service all your needs when it comes to getting your roof fixed, upgraded or replaced. CV Roofing is offering all types of services from Residential small leaks all the way to Commercial Projects. Some Roofing systems include but not limited to: Shingle, Metal & TPO Roofing. 

Why do I need a well qualified contractor for my claim?

Well, let us tell you why. When dealing with insurance companies not always your insurance will measure correctly or add all the items that you're entitled to for a proper job to get done. In most occasions most customers do not have the knowledge to review the paperwork associated with the claim, leaving them with no other choice than to hope the adjuster did their job correctly.

With our trained staff you have nothing to worry about. We are trained to help you from filing your claim all the way to finalizing the job. The great thing is you are never on the hook for anything if your insurance denies the claim; Why? Because our inspections and estimates are free!


Repairs/ Replacement

Why guess and take the risk of not getting the job done right the first time? Call the best in the industry and get the peace of mind you deserve. Here at CV Roofing we not only have all the tools to get the job done but we also have the team. Maybe you're worried that  the price of the repair will be out of your budget? No worries give us a call, we offer free inspections.

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can be a pain. Sometimes you need to take time off work to meet with adjusters, file paperwork, fax, emails and the whole back and forth. Well, it's easy, just call CV Roofing. We have the team that can take care of all this for you. The great thing is we do all the leg work without you giving us anything out of pocket, all we ask is let us do all the work for you and we will take care of it. 

Metal Roofing

Want a modern look and roof that will save you on your electric bill? Metal roofing in Austin, Bastrop and San Antonio has become the go to route for a lot people now days because of its great benefits. Aside from it being eco- friendly, eye catching and more durable it also saves you money. Most insurance companies will give you a discount for upgrading your roof to metal because of its resistance to fire, hail storms and durability.

We offer you different profiles, colors and designs. 

Sheet Metal

Maybe your a builder looking to roll panels or brake trim for that big metal job. We not only have the digital machines to make sure your panels and trim come out as perfect as possible, we also offer roll forming on site so you don't have to worry about delivery fees or material getting dent or scratched.  We use New Tech Roll Formers and work with 5 different profiles such as:

1", 1" 1/2 Standing Seam, Short Lock, Snap Lock and 2" Commercial Double Lock.


Extending our services out for the toughest and biggest jobs we not only work with repairs and residential but also specialize in Flat Single Ply roofs. Our team is highly trained and experienced in working with  Thermoplastic Polyolefin for repairs or a new project. Don't hesitate in reaching out to us for a free inspection or a bid for that new building and we guarantee you will never look for a different contractor after working with us.


With over 10 years of experience and performing top quality jobs for several commercial projects, CV Roofing is your commercial Roofer in Austin, Bastrop and San Antonio area. we assure you our team is the best. We're fast, finish on time and do what we say we will do. Whether it's a new TPO roof and you need new coping or it's a Metal or Shingle roof, we have the crew and the equipment to perform the job in safe and efficient manner. NDL Warranty available for flat roof systems.